How to get prepared for Paper 3 Chemistry SPM?

Many of my students keep on asking me about how to score Paper 3.  They are not sure whether they are ready for it or they are applying the correct learning strategies...

I think the most important is to get to know the format of Paper 3 first.

Different scientific skills are evaluated in this paper:
  1. observing
  2. classifying
  3. measuring and using numbers
  4. inferring
  5. predicting
  6. communicating
  7. using space-time relationship
  8. interpering data
  9. defining operationally
  10. controlling variables
  11. hypothesizing
  12. planning an experiment(problem stat/ement/aim of experiment, hypothesis/variables, materials & apparatus, procedure and tabulation of data)
   The scientifil skils are acquired by the students slowly when they plan, carry out experiments and make a report in their class.  PEKA is another way of assessment to evaluate students' scientific skills and attitudes too.
  So, the best strategy I would suggest is to go through the above list and identify which one you are still weak in.  Go through the past year questions or trial question from different state and try to study why an answer for a particular skill is considered as excellent answer(Score 3).

All the best! All the SPM 2009 Candidates.

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