Peperiksaan Percubaan SBP SPM 2010

All the best! After the exam, the copy of the question paper and answer scheme will be available in this blog!


Photochromic Glass

*Photo taken from Rudy Project North America

Photochromic glass is one example of composite material.  Composite material is a structural material that is formed by combining two or more different substances. The resulting material has properties that are superior than those of the original components.

A photochromic glass is produced by embelding a layer of silver halides(usually silver chloride) in glass or transparent plastic.

Photochromic glass darkens when is exposed to sunlight. When the light dims, it become transparent again. It is suitable for making optical lenses, windshields and windows.


Creative Way of Remembering Chemical Formulae of Ions

I found out this piece of note recently. The student is trying to remember the chemical formulae of ions. The method used is using mneumonics.  Menumonics is one of the ways that can dramatically improve our memory! If you have other interesting mneumonics, do share with me!