Electrolysis of Copper(II) Chloride

The usage of cartoon in explaining the concept of electrolysis copper(II) chloride solution. Another alternative for students to understanding an abstract concept in chemistry.


Esterification Reaction

Esterification occurs between carboxylic acids and alcohols.

The colourfull notes from my students(5H) show reaction between ethanoic acid and different alcohols(methanol, ethanol, propanol and butanol).


Isomers of butene

Isomers of butene

Isomerism occurs in alkene due to
  1. branching
  2. position of carbon-carbon double bond
Photos show possible isomers for butene, C4H8.  Can you draw their strutural formulae and name them?

Their names are as follows:

Top: but-1-ene
Left: 2-methylprop-1-ene
Right: but-2-ene


Carboxylic Acids

General formula of Carboxylic acids: CnH2n+1COOH, n = 0, 1, 2.....
All the carboxylic acids have the same functional group, which is carboxyl group, -CO

Can you write molecular formulae and draw structural formulae for the molecules in the album above?

Feel free to drop your answers in the comment box.


Science & Technology Week 2011

Date: 11- 15 April 2011
In commerating International Year of Chemistry 2011, school has planned a series of activies as follows:

1. Essay Writing Competition(EWC)

    Theme: Chemistry – Our Life, Our Future
     *limited to 3000 words only.  For more details, click here.
Open to all students. Essay of the winners will  be submitted by the Principal of the school for the National level EWC.  Grand prize is waiting as the first prize winner in the national level will be fully sponsored to attend the closing ceremony of International Year of Chemistry in Brussels, Belgium from 1 - 3 Dec 2011.

2. Atomic Structure Design

    Use your own imagination and contruct your own 3D atomic model. You're free to use any materials.

3. My Periodic Table!

    What is your own version of Periodic Table of Element! Prepare one and share with us. The creative one will be the winner!

4. Chemistry Quiz

    Date: 11 April 2011
    Topic: Numerical Problems relating the concept of moles, chemical equation & concentration.
    4 students will be chosen randomly from each form 5 on the day of event to take part of the quiz. The more question you answer correctly, the nearer you are to the grand prize!

5. Karnival Kimia Malaysia(K2M) 2011

    Date: 15 April 2011
   A bus of 40 students from our school will attend K2M which will be held in National Science Centre.  A series of activities is waiting us : poster exhibition, demonstration and hands-on experiments, slide and video shows, talks & lectures on the theme and sub-themes, quiz and competition, etc.