Prefix for Naming of Carbon Compounds

Picture taken is from one my student’s note.

Sounds like part of love letter or some sort of poem. Ha ha…

Actually that’s one of her way to remember the prefix used for naming of carbon compounds.

Pergi – prop
Buat – But
Pedih – Pent
Hati – Hex
Oh – Oct
No - Non
Dia - Dec

In my chemistry class, I encourage my students to create stories/interesting sentence for any chemistry keywords/facts. Sometimes they can come up with a very creative idea during their brainstorming session. Their friends might laugh at their ideas, but students tend to remember those dull facts better.
Perhaps, this is one learning strategy you can apply in other subjects too... Through my reading on ways to boost up our memory. Some people even try to visualise each keyword with a picture and link all them in a story.
When I'm free, I'll post more examples of ways to remember chemistry facts......
Thanks Fitri(5C)!

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  1. Nice one, I laughed at first but find it useful afterwards.. Tq