Atomic Model

An atom consists of three types of subatomic particles:
  • proton
  • neutron
  • electrons
Each subatomic particle have different properties. Students are advised to know their differences in terms of relative charge, relative mass and location in an atom.

In Paper 2 SPM 2006,  students are asked
  • to compare the relative mass and the charge of two of the subatomic particles[4 marks].
  • describe fully the atomic structure of lithium[6 marks].
  • draw the structure of an atom of sodium or potassium[7 marks].
In Paper 2 SPM 2007, students are asked to
  • describe and the atomic structure of hydrogen[4 marks].


Haber Process

Fritz Haber won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for synthesis of ammonia.
Read more about the
in the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in 1920.

How to Determine Rate of Reaction

Vulcanization of Rubber


Rubber tree(Hevea brasiliensis) is quite common in Malaysia. The first rubber tree in Malaysia still can be found is in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. 

Latex is a white white milk-like fluid secreted by rubber tree.  It's a type of polymer, called polyisporene. Due to its elasticity, latex is widely used to produce latex glove, condoms and clothing.

Chemistry SPM Topic Links

This topic link of all topics of Chemistry SPM is prepared by Pn Wan Noor Afifah Wan Yusoff from SBPI Integrasi Gombak.

It showed the importance of few form 4 topics as basic to learn form 5 topics.