Determing Melting Point

Example of Essay Question:
Solid Z has a melting point of 65oC.  Describe a laboratory experiment to determine the melting point of Z. Your answer should show how the melting point of Z is determined.

Requirement of the Question 

a) Procedure and diagram
b) A table showing time and temperature.
c) Sketch a graph temperature of substance Z against time.
d) Show how melting point of substance can be obtained from the graph.


Cave of Giant Crystals, Mexico

The crystals in the cave are made of selenite, a form of the common mineral gysum.  Slelenite is translucent & soft.  Research carried out by the scientist through uranium-thorium dating suggests the larget crystals are about 600 000 years old.

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Perfect Score Chemistry Module Year 2010

Perfect Score Chemistry Year 2010 compiles common questions for Paper 2 & 3 SPM into 4 set. 

Set 1: Chapter 2, 3, 4, & 5 in Form 4
Set 2: Chapter 6 in Form 4 & Chapter 3 in Form 5
Set 3: Chapter 7 & 8 in Form 4; Chapter 1 & 4 in Form 5
Set 4 : Chapter 2 & 5 in Form 5, Chapter 9 in Form 4

To download,
This set is helpful especially to know better common questions in Paper 2 & 3 SPM.