My Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements is essential for students who studying chemistry. It’s just like a map for a traveller.   However, students have their own presentation for their own copy of Periodic Table of Elements.

My Atomic Structure

After studying proton number, nucleon number, electron arrangment in the classroom in Chapter 2, Form 4 students are asked to construct models to show the  atomic structure for different elements.


Self Inflate Ballon through Reaction involving Acids

The self inflate ballon attracts small kids' attention during K2M 2011
  1. Add 1 table spoon of baking powder to a ballon with a funnel.
  2. Fill a bottle with halfull of vinegar.
  3. Attach the ballon with the baking powder to the bottle.
  4. Quickly por baking powder from ballon the bottle.

When the baking powder(sodium bicarbonate) is mixed with vinegar(ethanoic acid), the reaction produce carbon dioxide, water and salt.  The production of carbon dioxide gas inflate the ballon


Sublimation of Dry Ice

Dry ice is the common name for the solid form of carbon dioxide.
It undergoes sublimation at room temperature. 

Uses of Dry Ice:
  • keep ice cream frozen
  • as a refregerants in pharmaceutical, blood and organ shipment

When dry ice sublimates in the glove, the carbon dioxide gas released filled up the glove.

My students during K2M 2011 at National Science Centre