Sharing Scientific Skills with SMK Puchong Jaya

It was my pleasure to have this opportunity to meet students from SMK Puchong Jaya.  We had a great sssion to learn and practise scientific skills evaluated in Paper 3 Chemistry SPM.

All the best to all Chemistry SPM candidates from SMK Puchong Jaya.


Polypropylene in Daily Life

Polypropylene as fabric
  • The first polypropylene was produced by Professor Giulio Natta in 1954.
  • It was later widely used  as injection moulding applications(Example: packaging, parts for electronic and electrical appliances, caps and closures, toys, luggage and a variety of household goods)
  • Second largest use iof polypropylene is n fibres sector. (Example: thermal underwear & storage box)
  • Film & sheet market: uses in the pacckaging of sweets, snack foods and cigarettes.
  • The structure of polypropylene(polypropene)

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Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia 2011

86 students from my school were taking K3M 2011 this year. Hopefully more students will be awarded Sijil Merit, Sijil Kepujian & Sijil Cemerlang.

Pocket Warmer

This pocket warmer use chemicals that react to release heat.  The heat given off through exothermic reaction can be used to warm up body.  Mountain climbers bring pocket warmer  when they are high in the mountain. It can be used to lessen the pain of aching muscles.