Malaysia Winners of the International Year of Chemistry Global Stamp Competition

Malaysia winners Muzhafar Hassan Ismail showed the importance of rubber in Malaysia.

Luqman Fauzi showed the importance of oil palm industry in Malaysia. 

Many countries have issued stamps that related to chemists, molecular structures & important of chemistry industry. For more info, please read Hydrogen to Copernicium : Postage Stamps as Cultural Icons in the IYC by Daniel Rabinovich.
from  IUPAC official website


Properties of Ionic Compounds(Animation)

After this video, try to :

  1. List two examples of ionic compounds
  2. List at least two properties of ionic compounds. 
  3. Explain your answer by relating to the particles in ionic compounds.


Carboxylic Acids & Esters(Animation)

After this video, you should be able to
  1. State the chemical properties of carboxylic acids.
  2. Write the chemical equation for the esterification between carboxylic acids and alcohols.
  3. Name some examples of esters.

Polymers of Chloroethene & Propene(Animation)

At the end of this video, try to recall,

  1. What's the name of polymer of chloroethene & propene?
  2. How to draw the structural formula of pollymer of propene?
  3. What are the uses of chloroethene & propene?

What is a mole (Animation)

Reaction of Alkenes with Bromine (Animation)

After watching the video, please compare the reactivity of hexane & hexene with bromine by referring to their chemical bonds.

Alkanes & Alkenes(Animation)

Try to recall:

  1. What is the general formula of alkanes & alkenes?
  2.  Draw a table with names of first four alkanes, molecular formula & structural formula.
  3. Draw a table with names of first four alkenes, molecular formula & structural formula.