Minggu Sains & Teknologi 2010

Suggested Topic for Pamphlet/Poster/PowerPoint Design
1. Chemical related careers
2. Uses of isotope in daily life
3. Contribution of scientist towards chemistry
4. Advantages & Disadvantages of various voltaic cell
5. Importance of recycling and systematic disposal of used batteries
6. Application of neutralisation in daily life
7. Uses of sulphuric acid
8. Uses of ammonia
9. Alloy
10. Polymers
11. Glass
12. Ceramics
13. Methane and its effects on everyday life
14. Isomerism
15. Homologous series
16. Uses of alcohols; misuse and abuse of alcohols
17. Uses of carboxylic acids
18. Esters; natural sources, uses
19. Effects of Fats on health
20. Uses of palm oil in food production
21. Food additives & Food label
22. Modern Medicine and its side effect
23. Traditional Medicine

Other topics must get approval from your chemistry teacher first.

Your pamphlet/poster/powerpoint desgin must be informative, with pictures, extra information from other resources and creative!

Public Speaking
Theme: Application of chemistry in daily life.
Time alocated: 5 minutes
Topic: Choose a topic related to the theme and explain with examples/latest information/technology. Perhaps elaborate more its benefit/misuses/effects to human being/environment.


Palm Oil Based Oleochemicals

This is a promotional video from Malaysia Palm Oil Councils. The video describes much in details the benefit of palm oil with many examples of oleochemicals derived from palm oil.


Why is Platinum So Expensive?

Platinum, Pt is one of the transitition elements. It is very expensive. Watch this video to find out the reason.

What are the special characteristics of platinum?


Definition of Redox Reaction

From chem2U

One way of remembering the defnition is by using mneumonics. The following is one example: OIL-RIG

Other example of mneumonics:

  1. "GEROA", "LEORA"—Gain Electron Reduction Oxidizing Agent, Lose Electron Oxidation Reducing Agent