What are Soap and Detergent?

Most of my students are wondering how to identify soap and detergents? In fact, it's not easy to identify through their physical properties.  Soap and detergent are different in term of their chemical structures and their chemicals required during preparation. Hopefully the slideshow below will help you to to have a better idea.

Soap and Detergents

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What's in your food?

I find this book particular interesting. The author, Chia Joo Suan who is a food chemist give us a closer look at food through comprehensive and easy-to- read guide.

Food is important. We consumer food not only to sustain our life but also for their taste, nutritional and medicinal values. Are the food we are taking safe? Many food additives are added to enhance food quality. Do we realize what are they? Do these food additives bring any side effects to our health in the long term?


Chemicals for Consumer

The discovery of chemicals manufactured for consumers such as cleaning agents, food additives and medicines has helped us improve our health and standard of living. Today, different type of these chemicals are produced to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. Therefore, understanding the chemistry of these chemicals will help a consumer select and use them wisely.

Hopefull this holiday assignment will make you realise the importance of many chemicals available in your daily life.  Any doubt, don't be hesitate to ask. Enjoy your holidays!


Chemistry Review 2009

   The 2009 School Year at last comes to the end.  This is the first year I teach in this school.  5C, 5F, 4D & 4E were my students . At first, I found it was a whole new experience to teach in a all girls school.  Anyhow, I like my girls and happy with the their effort in their chemistry class.

  But i'm curious. Do my students like their chemistry lesson with me? What do they think about my teaching strategy/approach?  Knowing my students better would help me to improve in the coming school year.

I wish my students could email me their opinion to me, sweemoi@gmail.com. The follows are some guides what you could write:

  1. Do you like your chemistry lesson?
  2. What activity in the class you like the most? Computer simulation of abstract concepts, group experiment, module, topical questions, answering tips, pair/group discussion?
  3. What are your suggestion to improve your chemistry lesson?
  4. How frequent do you visit this blog? Everyday?
  5. Which part in this blog do you like? Notes, tips, class activity, chemistry related website link, chemitry related knowledge?


How to get prepared for Paper 3 Chemistry SPM?

Many of my students keep on asking me about how to score Paper 3.  They are not sure whether they are ready for it or they are applying the correct learning strategies...

I think the most important is to get to know the format of Paper 3 first.

Different scientific skills are evaluated in this paper:
  1. observing
  2. classifying
  3. measuring and using numbers
  4. inferring
  5. predicting
  6. communicating
  7. using space-time relationship
  8. interpering data
  9. defining operationally
  10. controlling variables
  11. hypothesizing
  12. planning an experiment(problem stat/ement/aim of experiment, hypothesis/variables, materials & apparatus, procedure and tabulation of data)
   The scientifil skils are acquired by the students slowly when they plan, carry out experiments and make a report in their class.  PEKA is another way of assessment to evaluate students' scientific skills and attitudes too.
  So, the best strategy I would suggest is to go through the above list and identify which one you are still weak in.  Go through the past year questions or trial question from different state and try to study why an answer for a particular skill is considered as excellent answer(Score 3).

All the best! All the SPM 2009 Candidates.

Volume of Gas

1 mol of any gases, as you name it, oxygen gas, helium gas, hydrogen gas, neon gas, etc.... occupy the same volume in the room condition.

This concept is known as molar volume at room condition, which is 24 dm3 mol-1.


Question Analysis of Paper 3 Trial Chemistry 2009 from Different State

I have done some analysis on the questions from all the trial papers that I  have gathered. It seems that some  questions are quite popular. However, I haven't get trial papers from Penang and Sarawak.

Hopefully this analysis will help students who are trying their best effort before sitting the Chemistry paper on 8 Dec 2009