The Making of Margarine

What is the effect on the oil used during the making of margarine?
  • The liquid oil changes to solid.
  • Relative molecular mass of oil molecules increase.


Reaction between Sodium and Chlorine

The video above shows the reaction between sodium and chlorine.

  1. What is the observation?
  2. Name the product of the reaction. 
  3. Write chemical equation for the reaction between sodium and chlorine. 


Study Visit to Malaysia Nuclear Agency

On 6 Mac 2013,  my colleague Ms Wan Eliza Wan Ali and I together with 39 students have visited Malaysian Nuclear Agency which is situated in Bangi. During the visit, we are briefed on the nuclear technology development in Malaysia. Later we went to MINTec-Sinagama plant. The plant is working on irradiation of herbs, foods &b medical supplies by using cobalt-60.

A 3 hours study trip indeed have given students and teachers a deeper understanding on uses of radioisotopes in Malaysia context.