Chemistry SPM 2010 Paper 2

Section A

Question 1 : (Chapter 2: The Structure of Atom)
  • State of matter
  • Conversion of matter
  • Kinetic theory of matter
Question 2: (Salts & Numerical Calculation involving Chemical Equation)
  • Heating of carbonate salt
  • Writing chemical equation
  • Numerical calculation involving chemical equation: molar mass, no of particles, molar volume
Question 3: (Periodic Table of Elements)
  • Position of an element in periodic table
  • Group 18 elements
  • Chemical properties of group 1
  • Compare & explain the difference in electronegativity between two elements
Question 4:(Chemical Bonds)
  • Electron arrangement of an atom & ion
  • Formula of compound
  • Formation of covalent bond
  • Properties of covalent compound & ionic compound
Question 5: (Electrolytic Cell & Voltaic Cell)
  • Writing half equation of anion
  • Identify negative terminal & anode
  • Observation for both cells & explain
  • Chemical test to identify gas produced
Question 6: (Acid, Bases & Salts)
  • acid-base titration
  • calculation to determine molarity of acid
  • identify monoprotic acid & diprotic acid
  • confirmatory test for sulphate ion
Section B

Question 7: (Chemical Formulae & Equation, Carbon Compounds, Chemicals for Consumer)
  • Determine empirical formula & molecular formula of a hydrocarbon
  • Drawing the structural formula & naming the isomer of the hydrocarbon
  • Based on given food labels,  name the food additives  & determine the type of food additives & their funition.
Question 8:( Rate of Reaction)
  • The meaning of rate of reaction & identify the factor that affects the rate of reaction
  • Based on graf volume of gas released against time, compare the rate of reaction between two experiment by using the Collision Theory
  • Suggest one way to obtain a curve & explain using the Collision Theory
Question 9: (Electrochemistry)
  • Electrolysis of a concentrated aqueous solution: half equation at the cathode, formation of product at the anode & chemical test
  • Electroplating an iron spoon with silver
Questin 10: (Thermochemistry)
  • Heat of neutralisation of two different monoprotic acid with sodium hydroxide: explain the difference.
  • Determine the change in temperate based on given heat of neutralisaiton
  • Describe experiment to determine the heat of neutralisation.

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