Karnival Kimia 2011(K2M 2011)

In conjunction with International Year of Chemistry 2011(IYC), Malaysian Institute of Chemistry will organize a series of activity to promote awareness of public towards the importance of chemistry.

Event planned for students are
  1. Karnival Kimia 2011(K2M 2011) which will be launched on 15 April 2011 at National Science Centre.
  2. IYC Essay Writing Competitition for Upper Secondary School Students.
I wish all students especially SESERI students involve actively in the above activities.

For more details, please visit Malaysian Institute of Chemistry official website.


Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia(K3M) 2011 Open for Registration

Date : 21 July 2011(Thurday)
Time : 10.00 am.
Registration fee: RM10

Students who perform excellent in this quiz will be shortlisted for getting ready for International Chemistry Olympiad(IChO). For more details, click here.

Any students who are interested, please register with your chemistry teacher.  Closing date is 27 May 2011


IYC Global Stamp Competition

Who can take part?
Students all over the world(12-14, 15-18, undergraduates/teacher students)

design a national stamp that reflects on 'Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise', showing the chemical impact on
the culture and/or every day life in your country.

Start of the Competition
29 Jan 2011

End of the Competition
15 June 2011

Winning Design will be on show during the IYC 2011 Closing Ceremony in Belgium on 1 Dec 2011.

For more details, click here.


Dilution method formula

Many students always get confused when using the dilution method formula especially when susbstituting value for V1.

For the above situation, we shall substitute the value as follows.

M1V1 = M2V2
2V1 = 0.2(100)
V1= 10 cm3

From the calculation, we know that
  1. 10 cm3 of is pipetted from 2.0 mol dm-3 sodium hydroxide solutoin and transferred into a volumetric flask.
  2. 90 cm3 of distilled water is added into the volumetric flask. The volumetric flask is shaken well.
  3. 100 cm3 of 0.2 mol dm-3 sodium hydroxide solution is ready.


Atomic Structure of Sodium Atom

How to describe atomic structure of sodium atom?
  • Proton number of sodium is 11.
  • Nucleon number of sodium is 23.
  • Sodium atom has 12 neutrons.
  • Sodium atom has 11 protons.
  • Protons and neutrons are found in the nucleus of the sodium atom.
  • Sodium atom has 11 electrons. The electrons are moving around the nucleus in their shells.
  • Electron arrangement of sodium atom is 2.8.1.
  • Sodium atom has 1 valence electrons.
Similar questions was found in SPM 2006 & SPM 2007. For more details, click here.