Chemistry Pamphlet Design Competition - Sc & Tech Week 2010

Chemistry Pamphlet Design was one of the activity for Science & Technology Week Year 2010.  Each group of students picked a topic in their chemistry and submitted their work in 2 weeks time.

Students' submission for Chemistry Pamphlet Design Competition.

Winners of the Pamphlet Design Competition
Left: : The Periodic Table from 5G studentsMunirah, Hayati, Fadhilah)
Right : Esters from 5H students(Ashikin, Izzati, Zafirah)

It was my first time organizing such activity. To my surprice, most students with the help of ICT, they showed ability to find related information and present them well.

However there is always room for improvement for the following years. As for me, I would prefer giving a theme, e.g. Contribution of Chemists, Chemicals for Consumer, Manufactured Substances in Industry. Each group will conduct a detailed study on one of the topic, take photos and organize & present their information in a creative way.

As for the students:
  • Avoid copying information 100% from any sources.
  • Choose only relevant information.
  • Using software like Microsoft Word/Publisher will help.
  • Think of the audience. Must be eye-catching.  Use a suitable layout, font & graphics/photo and colour contrast.

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  1. These kind of activities helps a kid to acquire more knowledge and practical experience which is necessary for overall development.