Chemistry SPM Paper 3 Question Analysis from 2003 – 2009

Year Structure QuestionPlanning an Experiment
20091 Effect of type of electrode on the electrolysis of aqueous solution
2 Rate of reaction
1 Relationship between concentration of nitric acid & pH value
20081 Effect of ethanoic acid and ammonia solution on the coaagulation of latex1 Reactivity of lithium, sodium and potassium with water
20071 Exothermic & endothermic reaction1 Construct electrochemical series to determine factor that influence the difference in voltage
20061 Heat of neutralization1 Compare iron & steel from the aspect of hardness/resistant to corrosion
20051 Freezing point of naphthalene
2 Electrochemical series based on potential difference
1 Effect of alloying on the hardness of metal
2 How concentration affect the rate of reaction of acid with metal
20041 Empirical formula of magnesium oxide
2 Reactivity series of metals
1 Prepare esters from two different alcohol
20031 Effect of temperature on the rate of reaction
2 Construct ionic equations through continuous variation method
1 Compare the elasticity of vulcanized rubber & unvulcanized rubber

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