Young Chemist - Sc & Tech Week Year 2010

Young Chemist was actually a competition! Students who have successfullly carried out the task given and showed an excellent work will be awarded as Young Chemist.

The task given was on a chemistry-related environment issues. Students were required to plan an experiment to study the the given problems. Students were given 2 hours in the chemistry lab to carry out their experiment plan and writing their report.

Based on students' report,  I found out that students understands the problems given. However, they were hardly to identify a specific problem they wish to study. They were able to plan required materials, apparatus, procedures and tabulation of data for their experiment. But analysis & interpreting data were their weakest part. This is the part that should be polished up. Form 5 students were weak in this part too in their PEKA.

The Young Chemist were awarded to groups from 4A, 4E and 4H. Congratulations!!!

Students were preparing chemicals for their experiment.

Students were pondering what to do next.

Students were interpreting data based on collected observation.

Students were working hard in writing their report.

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