Mid Year Examination

The exam fever is just over. What would you do normally? Put aside all your books and have fun?

How would you respond when you get back your exam papers?
"I'm not good!"

"I didn't study. I'll study harder!"

"Let me check what changes I can do to improve!"

A successful student normally will go through her/his own examination paper and identify type of her mistakes. There are many reasons why a student may get a question wrong.
  1. Don't understand the concept,
  2. No idea how to apply the concept
  3. Careless
  4. Don't know answering technique
  5. No revision
  6. Forget

Why must we identify our mistakes?


"Can't afford to face the reality"

That's the only way to know your true standard. So, what's next? Get your exam papers and start identify them one by one.

Once you have categorised your mistakes, the next step is to....


The easiest mistakes to solve is careless. Budget some times to recheck your answers; Focus the requirement of the questions; Practise answering possible questions until you become familiar with.

But if you are weak in certain topics, then you gotta work hard. Identify those topics. Revise each of them until you really understand them. Yet, how you know that you already understand? Teach someone! Or Answer different types of question related. In chemistry, some basic chemical knowledge, e.g. chemical formulae, mole, chemical equation, proton number, electron arrangement, atom, ions and molecules are very important. A good understanding of the basic knowledge really helps when you go to topics like electrochemistry, acid, bases and salts. redoxs, thermochemistry and carbon compounds.

So, what do you discover after checking through your exam papers? Lots of reason why you are unable to score, right?

So, what's next. Start a good plan/strategies to solve each mistakes. I'm sure you won't repeat the same mistakes in your coming exams. All the best!

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