Form 4 Assignment : Manufacture Substances in Industry

This holiday assignment is a bit different. I really hope that form 4 students will enjoy fun of exploring some familiar chemical substances we're familiar in our daily life. Alloys, polymers, glass, ceramics and composite materials.

There are many ways of learning. Learning is not always confined in a classroom. It happens everywhere. Nowadays most of us are used to search from Internet. It is the easiest! Just one click, thousands of information is just right there in front of you. Here is the challenge for each of us to understand and pick up relevant information.

For those who are fortunate enough to access a library, go ahead. I have been to the National Library, Shah Alam Library. I would stay there till night browsing books from one rack to another. Ha ha..Go and look for encyclopedia, journal or magazine. It is a quick start for everyone of us to understand the subject matter. On the other hand, books provide deeper explanation.

Perhaps some of you might travel during this holidays with your beloved family members, just look around, Craft centre, shopping complex, science centre or anywhere. Perhaps you might see any examples of alloys, polymers, glass, ceramics and composite materials, just snap a photo. It is more interesting when you discover their uses in your daily lives. I'm sure it'll make your folio more meaningful.

Some of the girls popped up with a lot of creative ideas when I briefed this project.

"Teacher, can I create a blog and post whatever information I get there?"

"Teacher, can I bring samples of of polystyrene used?"

Dear girls, you're encouraged to use your creativity in this projects. Perhaps if your projects are very outstanding, I might think to have an exhibition on the subject matter for SESERI!

If you have any problems, try to make full use of this blog.
  • post your questions in the chat box
  • meet together online here and discuss through the chat box
  • write your thoughts, your finding here....
  • read comments from others, you might get inspired.

All the best!!!

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