Reaction between Sodium and Chlorine

The video above shows the reaction between sodium and chlorine.

  1. What is the observation?
  2. Name the product of the reaction. 
  3. Write chemical equation for the reaction between sodium and chlorine. 


  1. Hi teacher,

    How does the sand help in absorb the heat/ prevent it from cracking the glass?

    Sodium in group 1 and reacts with water. But in this experiment, does the water act as a catalyst?

    How come the sodium cannot react without addition of water?

  2. 2Na(s) + Cl2(g) → 2NaCl(s)

    teacher, macam mana sand to absorb heat and glass tu tak pecah?

    kenapa sodium tak react?

    kenapa kena ada addittion of water?

    kalau sodium + chlorine(liquid) what will happen?