First Landfill Gas Power Plant

First Landfill Gas Power Plant in Air Hitam Sanitary Landfill, Puchong, Selangor . The park was recognized as first Electrical New Energy Power Plant which uses landfill gas in Malaysia Book of Records.

The power plant generates 2.0 Megawatt electricity supply by trapping and burning a by-product of of decaying waste - Methane gas.

Based on newspaper report, Air Hitam Sanitary Site has received solid wastes collected from Klang Valley since 1995 for 11 years. The site was ordered to closed by the state due to new housing area nearby.

Landfill gas produced from chemical reactions and microbe actions upon the solid wastes.  Methane gas is one of the main composition in the landfill gas produced.  The gas collected through system of pipes & well are then burned to carbon dioxide, water & heat.

"It is estimated that that there is here is enough gas here to power the generator to provide about 15 years of electricity to about 2,000 households", Worldwide Holdings chairman Datuk Mohd Arif Abd Rahman said.

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