SPM 2009 Paper 1, 2 & 3

Paper 2
  1. Alloy
  2. Period 2 & formation of ionic bond
  3. Empirical formula of copper oxide
  4. Homologous series, chemical properties of alkene
  5. Rate of reaction, collison theory
  6. Heat of neutralisation
  7. Homologous series, empirical formula & molecular formula & isomerism
  8. Electrochemical series based on potential difference, factor of concentration towards the producf of electrolysis of an aqueus solution
  9. Redox reaction involving changing iron(III) ion to iron(II) ion, U tube
  10. numerical problems involving molarity, role of water on the properties of acid, confirmatory test of cation and anion in a sample of salt given
Paper 3
  1. Electrolytic cell: study how the type of electrode affect the product of electrolysis of copper(II) sulphate solution
  2. Rate of reaction between marble chip and acid
  3. Relationship between the concentration of acid and pH value.  A look at the question.
Paper 1
  I notice some blogs already uploaded with the answer. May be you all can have a look. Click here.

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