Kinetic Theory of Matter

   That's basic chemistry. But when I looked at my students' work in explaining kinetic theory of matter, thousands of questions popped up in my mind. How much do my students understand Kinetic Theory of Matter? It seems that it's such an abstract concept for them.  If I'm not mistaken, a student is exposed to this theory when they were studying Form 1 Science.

  Kinetic Theory of Matter explains that matter consists of tiny and discrete particles, which are always moving.
  Perhaps the theory is quite microscopic. We cannot feel it, see it or imagine it. But, there were some phenomena which can prove the Kinetic Theoryf of Matter. For example,
  • Brownian movement.
  • Diffusion in solid, liquid and gas.
  • Changing of state of matter when heat is absorbed/released
  I'll post more how above examples can prove the Kinetic Theory of Matter.

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