Are Food Additives Good???

Food additives are added in a small quantitiy in food, mainly to
  • make the food last longer
  • add flavour
  • enhance the food colour
  • improve the food texture
There many types of food additives, as follows:

Do all these food additives bring any harm to our health? It's a question to ponder.
For example, if food which is rich with salt might cause high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. High intake of sugar cause diabetes, tooth decay and obesity. Some other food additives, as we explore more through this folio, we will realise their disadvantages.

Do our family members like to add lots of MSG into their mee? Does our little brother like to eat a lot of colourful sugar? Try to think few of your family member eating habits and advice them after you realise some disadvantages of food addtivies.

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