Paper 2 Trial SBP Year 2009

I have finished marking paper 2 of my students. Overall I noticed students had some misconceptions in certain topics like ionic compound vs covalent compound, collision theory.They found the question tricky and made lots of silly mistakes here and there, especially Question 5, 6, 9 and 10. The topics tested in each question are as follows:

Section A
Question 1 : Soap & Detergent; Food additives
Question 2 : Atomic Structure, Isotope, Heating and cooling curve
Question 3 : Determining of empirical formula
Question 4 : Preparation of soluble salt and insoluble salt
Question 5 : Carbon Compounds
Question 6 : Redox reaction in the transfer of electron at a distance and displacement of halogen

Section B:
Question 7 : Alloy and Contact Process
Question 8 : Ionic Compound and Covalent Compound

Section C
Question 9 : Rate of reaction
Question 10 : Energy Profile Diagram and Heat of Combustion

I wish my students can review their mistakes carefully in this paper. Revise those topic that you're still weak for example: numerical problems related to the moles, rate of reaction, carbon compounds, redox, thermochemistry. and avoid careless mistakes during examination. All the best in the coming Trial JPWP!


  1. hanis izzati (5C)

    hi tcher! umm comment for paper 2?
    well, for Q1 i havent memorize the function+example+effect and others for food addictive and medicine..u told us earlier that mostly this chapter will come out at paper 1 so i just read through hehe :D

    Q2, ok just silly mistakes..

    Q3, i loss 3m because i forgot the concept in which i put metal react with water will get the hydrogen gas..silly me hehe sry tcher! plus with wrong in precaution, i think because i put too general answer idk i think..

    Q4, i didnt do the calculation. i put it aside 1st then come back if i still have time left. well, i think calculation is quite tough idk i guess.. yet i think i can do it but unfortunately kesuntukkan masa tcher :( for ionic equation, i get confuss. even chemical equation i got wrong..

    Q5,i just flip and read through this chapter because i already study earlier. so, i thought i might score this one but too bad no.

    Q6, confussing when redox reaction combine with chapter 6 form 4. both i havent master yet. i didnt even memorize the rule yet luckily i get it right for a(iv) but b(iii) wrong hehe

    as conclusion, eventhough i didnt got a good score but i think i improve. idk i guess :D
    well,i suppose this Q should easy to score..only maybe im the one who havent do many exercise.. maybe i try out some exercise and then refer to book if idk..
    thats all from me TQ tcher :)

  2. Thanks hanis for giving such a detailed comments. Besides having a good understanding of some basic chemistry concepts, time management during exam is important too! Let's overcome our mistakes and improve, ok?! All the best!