Electroplating A Coin with Copper

Yesterday when I entered my chemistry class, I challenged my students to electroplate their key chains/coins with copper before leaving chemistry laboratory at the end of my lessons.

Throughout the lessons, everybody paid 100% attention. By the time they started working in groups, they started talking profesionally.

"use the coin as cathode"

"copper is connected to the positive terminal"

"Wow, teacher, come and have a look! Changes occur so fast!"

"TEAcheer, how does it happen?"

"The coin is so nice!!!!"
This is the product prepared by Diyana. She said she wants to show it to his dad.
I really enjoyed the lesson especially looking them leaving the lab with happy smiling face! Hope everyone realise the importance of electrolysis in their daily life!
Chemical equation that shows the reaction occurs
at anode : Cu ---> Cu2+ + 2e-
at cathode : Cu2+ + 2e- --> Cu

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