Examples of Redox Reaction

  1. Combustion of metal in oxygen
  2. Reaction between metal oxide and carbon
  3. Reaction between metal oxide and hydrogen
  4. Conversion of Fe2+ ion to Fe3+ and vice versa
  5. Displacement of metal from their salt solution
  6. Displacement of halogen
  7. Transfer of electron at a distance
  8. Rusting of iron
  9. Electrolysis of aqueous solution & molten compound
  10. Chemical cells
Tips : Students should be able to identify
  1. oxidized substance and reduced substance
  2. oxidizing agent and reducing agent all all those reactions
   and explain in terms of
  1. gain/loss of electrons
  2. change in oxidation number
Besides, the skill of writing chemical equation, half equation and overall ionic equation is too very very important.

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