Effect of Concentration of Sodium Thiosulphate on its Rate of Reaction with Sulphuric Acid

5C students carried out their investigation to study the effect of concentration of sodium thiosulphate on its rate of reaction with sulphuric acid on 24 Jan 2011.

Before the experiment, they were ready with their experiment plan. Most of them were able to write a satisfactory experiment plan. However, the aim of the experiment, problem statement were not specific.  Some even were not ready with their table. Hopefully they would improve after discussing with me.

The students were able to carry out the experiment with correct technique & skills. Well done, 5C students!
The student was taking time for mark 'X' dissapear from view.
Cooperation is shown througout the experiment.

The conical flask is swirled once sulphuric acid is added into sodium thiosulphate.

Mark 'X' is observed from top of the conical flask. The other pair of students were discussing their data.

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