Elelctrolytic Cell and Chemical Cells

In an electrolytic cell,
  • Anion in the electrolyte move to  anode(connected to the positve terminal of the battery).
  • Anions is selectively discharged by losing electrons(Depends at the concentration of ions in the electrolyte). In other words, anion is oxidized at anode. If metal electrodes are used instead of carbon electrodes, metal is oxidized to its metal ions by losing electrons.
  • Cations in the electrolyte move to cathode(connected to the negative terminal of the battery).
  • Cations which is at the lower postion in the Electrochemical Series is selectively discharged by gaining electrons. In other words, cations are reduced.

oxidation occurs at anode while
Reduction occurs at cathode.

In a chemical cell
  •  Electrode which is more electropositive is oxidized to its ions by loses electrons, and acts as negative terminal.
  • Electrons move through the external circuit and received by positive terminal.
  • Cations in the electrolytes get attracted to the positive terminal and reduced to metal by gaining electrons.
Oxidation occurs at negative terminal.
Reduction occurs at positive terminal.

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