Trial Chemistry Perak 2009

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  1. Q1 : chemical consumer
    -food addatives
    - medicine

    Q2 : structure of atoms/chemical formulae n equations
    -electron arrangement

    Q3 : acid and bases
    - strong / weak acid

    Q4 : electrochemistry
    -voltaic cell

    Q5 : rate of reaction
    - presence of catalyst

    Q6 : carbon compound
    - interconversion table

    Q7 : oxidation and reduction
    - rusting of iron

    Q8 : chemical bonds/ periodic table of elements
    - formation of compunds
    - reactiity of group 1 and 17 elements

    Q9 :salts
    - preparation of soluble salt

    Q10 : thermochemistry
    - energy changes in chemical reaction
    - endothermic reaction
    - exp heat of combustion

    lisa and najihah, 5c

  2. paper 3

    Q1 ;manufactured substances in industry
    - alloy (hardness of alloy)

    Q2 ; electrochemistry
    - factors affecting discharge of ions
    (concentration of ions in solution)

    -lisa n najihah, 5c